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Let our friendly qualified instructors help your children learn to swim in a caring nurturing and fun environment. At SUSF we believe in a holistic approach to teaching children to swim, allowing them to develop a love of water at their own pace. Classes are small to ensure focussed learning and maximum practice time. We have a great indoor pool facility with change rooms, access ramps, on-deck showers and a terrific café. We offer free assessments, a free Sydney Uni swimming cap on enrolment and two make-up lessons per term.

For information about private lessons and our Additional Needs Program please speak to our Swim School staff.  

Pre-school classes are held from 3:30 pm in the afternoons. On weekends, classes begin from 8:30 am.

Star Fish -  Ages 2.5 years to 3.5 years

A maximum of 2 children swimming for 30 minutes. $18.50 per lesson

Seahorse Ages 3.6 years to 4.5 years

A maximum of 3 children swimming for 30 minutes. $18.50 per lesson

Introduce your child at an early age to the wonders of swimming and water safety with the help of our qualified instructors. 

Our school age swimmers can join the fun Monday to Friday from 3:30 pm, Saturdays from 9am and Sunday from 8:30 am.

Level 1 – Fabulous Frogs 3 children swimming for 30 minutes. $18.50 per lesson.
Our qualified instructors will take your children on a journey of discovery.  Let them experience how amazing they can be in water, teaching them how to be safer and have loads of fun.

Level 2 – Tip Top Turtles 3 children swimming for 30 minutes. $18.50 per lesson.
Using appropriate techniques for this level our qualified instructors will teach your children how to swim using a great kick and strong arms.

Level 3 – Proud Platypus 4 children swimming for 30 minutes. $18.50 per lesson.
This level will continue to enhance the skills your children have learned will motivating them to try new ones.

Level 4 – Speedy Seals4 children swimming for 30 minutes. $18.50 per lesson.
Now your children can swim with fantastic body position, great flutter kicks and strong, long, straight arms for freestyle and backstroke, our qualified instructors will now teach your children breaststroke. It can be a little bit tricky at first but with encouragement and practice your children can add it to their swimming achievements.

Level 5 – Dashing Dolphins – 5 children swimming for 30 minutes $18.50 per lesson.
Butterfly and breaststroke are the focus strokes for this level. While your children continue to improve their freestyle and backstroke, they can learn butterfly and the continuation of breaststroke. It’s all about timing.

Level 6 - Junior Development Squad (squad transition, 2 lanes) - 8 swimmers $18.50 per lesson.
Not too much distance but a load of knowledge will be learned in the development squad.  Pool etiquette, how to use the pace clock, turns and finishes for all 4 strokes, race rules and the opportunity to become a Sydney Uni Swim Club member. Your child can join in the fun at Race Nights with SUSC. Let them show you how well they perform under race conditions.

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