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Nationals - Div 1 & 2

UniSport Australia prides itself in providing 42 universities from across Australia with the opportunity to go head to head in search of becoming Australia’s fiercest competitor. 

The restructure by UniSport Australia aims to deemphasise the traditional Australian Uni Games social program and promote a divisional, national championship model of competition. The UniSport Nationals will replace the Australian University Games from 2018 ( click here to see the University's 2017 results at the event.)

UniSport Australia anticipates this transition will not only attract the highest level of university athletes, but also endorse a safe sports-focused program and draw significant national, state and regional profiles to future events.

The UniSport Nationals Div 1 and 2 events will see more than 10,000 student-athletes head to the Gold Coast in the year to compete in 47 different sport competitions.

The Nationals Div 1 event (22-27 September) will see the top 10 universities - including the University of Sydney - come together to compete against the best of the best to gain or retain their championship glory across the 33 competitions offered.

Only the top 10 teams from previous event rankings can qualify for each of the competitions, meaning that rivalry between teams is fierce to claim the National Champion titles. The two lowest placing teams in each sport of the Div 1 competition will be relegated into Nationals Div 2 the following year. 

The Div 2 competition is an 'open entry' style event which took place in early-July 2018. The top two winning teams in each sport of the Div 2 competition be promoted to Nationals Div 1 the following year. 

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