Making a donation

Tax Deductible Donation Options

You can direct your gift to a specific sport/club or to "sport in general". You can decide the purpose for which you are making the gift or leave that to the discretion of the Foundation Council. You can direct it be used for sporting scholarships or for a specific capital works project.

Your donation can be made as a one-off gift or as a pledge involving instalment payments.

It may suit some donors to use the on-line facility provided and make their gift by credit card over the internet. Conversely, cheques and/or written instructions are perfectly acceptable.

All donations are tax deductible and donors will receive acknowledgement of their gift and a receipt for tax purposes.

Donate to Sport in General

If you decide to support sport in general, the Foundation Council will determine the purpose for which such unencumbered funds will be utilised. 

Donate to a Specific Sport or Club

You can direct your gift to the sport or club of your choice. There are some 47 clubs affiliated with Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness. Some sports have been made Divisions of the Foundation in their own right.

The Divisions are listed below together with a link to their own websites:

Sporting Scholarships

The Sporting Scholarships Division of the Foundation aims to increase the funds available for Sporting Scholarships to elite athletes. There are three ways that you can donate to sporting scholarships:

Naming Rights Scholarships: A gift or a pledge of $30,000 carries with it the naming rights to a Sporting Scholarship. Funds received are preserved by trust. This enables the donor to make a significant contribution to the Sporting Scholarship program and to receive perpetual recognition.

Support of a Specific Sporting Scholarship: You may direct your gift to support a scholarship in a specific sport.

Support of the General Scholarship Program: Unencumbered gifts in support of Sporting Scholarships will be held in trust by the Sporting Scholarship Division, in order to create a future income stream for this purpose.

Capital Works

Projects Gifts may be made to support infrastructure projects or capital works improvements. The Capital Works Division manages all such gifts received. Such gifts may be of two types;

Support of Specific Projects: From time to time, appeals will be launched to support specific infrastructure projects and any gifts received will be directed to, and spent in support of, the nominated project.

General Capital Works: Gifts received in support of capital works in general will be managed by the Capital Works Division and allocated at the discretion of the Foundation Council.


A bequest provides significant value to both the benefactor and to Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness. You will receive recognition and appreciation from the University at the time of making your bequest. You will also know that your gift will provide a lasting legacy.

Some benefactors find that they can make a significant bequest in a will, whereas cash flow may prevent them making the gift they would otherwise like to provide in their own lifetime.

If you are considering leaving a bequest for sport, and would like further information on the University bequest program please click here.




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