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At Sydney Uni Swimming we offer squad swimming for all ages and abilities. Our qualified coaches guide and nurture young swimmers to be the best they can be by developing their technique, helping them achieve their personal goals and creating an accomplished swimmer not just for now but for their entire lives.

To ensure swimmers are in the correct squad for their abilities we offer free assessments.  Free swim caps can also be collected when booking.

Sydney University Swimming has produced many champions. At present our Junior Squad swimmers share the lanes with International and Australian representatives in pool, open water and multiclass athletes. Our Gold, Silver and Bronze licenced coaches are on deck to mentor our junior coaches to ensure full integration of our program pathways.

With these amazing athletes and coaches on deck, our Junior Squad swimmers could not be in a better place.

Joining the Sydney Uni Swim Club will give them the opportunity to meet and chat with our champions.  

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2018 T4_Junior Squad_Timetable

2019_January - February_Holiday_Jnr_Squad_Timetable

Junior Squads

Frequestly Asked Questions

Junior Squad swimmers are offered sessions on every day of the week.  Annual Junior Membership is required.

Monthly payment of $66 + $20 annual junior membership if a child attends 1 session per week.

Monthly payment of $115 + $20 annual junior membership if a child attends 2 sessions per week.

Monthly payment of $150 + $20 annual junior membership if a child attends 3+ sessions per week.

Single squad session $16.50

Development Squad  (8-10 years)

This squad level will build on the foundations Junior Development. Swimmers will be introduced to 4 strokes, starts, turns and finishes.  The focus will be developing efficient swimming. Individual medley will be introduced. The development squad will cover an average distance of 800m - 1.4km per session. Preparation for school carnivals is a focus during the summer season. Membership of the Sydney Uni Swim Club will enable your child to compete in club meets, practicing their race skills on a monthly basis throughout the year. It is also a wonderful way to swim in a social setting and provides opportunity to provide lifelong friendships.

Challenge (10-12 years)

This squad focuses on building swimming technique, confidence and knowledge of the sport of swimming.  Swimmers will consolidate technique and complete fitness test sets. typically swimmers compete sessions of 1.5-2km per session. Preparation for school, zone and regional carnivals is a focus of summer season. Being part of the Sydney Uni Swim Club will encourage your children to make friends with like-minded swimmers and give them confidence and opportunity to race together.

Swimfit 13+ 

Sessions are tailored for the teen, still with strong focus on aerobic conditioning. Sessions are 1-1.5 hrs in duration, with the squad typically cover 2+ km per session. This squad is ideal for water fitness in a fun, engaging social setting.This squad is for competent swimmers, many of whom compete as waterpolo players, competitive lifesaving, surf/ocean swimmers, triathletes who wish to cross train for additonal water fitness.

Adult Squads

Frequently Asked Questions

Monthly payments of $66 for 1 session or $115 for two sessions, 3+ $150. Annual Membership of SUSF is required.

Single sessions available at $16.50 per session.

To join this squad participants must be competent in all four strokes. The focus is to build fitness and endurance. Sets are mostly freestyle based with other strokes for variety. This squad generally covers approx 2km each session depending on the focus. The adult squad is run on a term basis in conjunction with the public school term.

Performance Squad Program 

Entry to this program is by invitation.

These squads cater for swimmers across 4 levels with the minimum entry age of 9 years.

The program follows the long course summer season and the short course winter season, with breaks occurring at the end of summer and the end of winter. Swimmers in the program must be financial members of the Sydney Uni Swimming Club and must attend target meets as set down by the coaching staff. Entry into the program is by pre-arranged trial, with the final decision at the discretion of the Head Coach.

Squad fees are paid monthly.

To arrange a trial or for further information, please contact Brendan Micallef on and/or

Junior Emerging

This squad is aimed at swimmers (9 -11yrs) who have consolidate of all 4 strokes and are competing at Area level competitions. Swimmers will continue to refine technique and skills while developing the early stages of their aerobic base. The training expectation is 3 sessions per week.

Emerging Squad 

This squad is aimed at swimmers who have a sound technical and skill knowledge as well as a developing aerobic base; and are aiming at Regional-Metropolitan (12 and under) level competitions. The training expectation is 4 sessions per week at this level.

State Target Squad 

This squad is aimed at swimmers who have an established technical, skill and aerobic base; and are competing at Metro (12 and over) level competitions. Swimmers will further refine their technique and skill levels, with a greater emphasis on aerobic – threshold training and an introduction to race specific sets. 2 dry land training sessions are included.

National Target Squad 

Swimmers will spend more time training in specific energy systems and working on race specific speed. The training expectation is 6-7 sessions per week with 1 gym session and 1 dry land session additional to the pool sessions.

Please click here for the Performance Timetable Summer 2019

Varisty/Open Squad  

High performing Sydney University Swim Team, competing in Swimming Australia Open competitions seasons,  Division 1 Nationals (Unisport), and Intermural/Sydney Uni College meets. External university swimmers welcome.



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