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School Holiday Program: Frequently Asked Questions

What date do enrolments open and close?

Summer 2018-19 Program enrolments will open on 14th of November. Enrolments close at 12 pm (noon) one business day prior to the camp start date. This means that camps starting on Monday will close at 12pm the Friday beforehand.

A late fee of $25 per child applies to all enrolments received after the closing time/date.

What do I do if I have incorrectly booked a camp or change my mind?

A request to transfer to an alternate camp can be taken by calling our customer service line on 1300 068 922, but is dependent upon availability of space. Any transfer of camp will incur a $25.00 administrative fee for a change of mind or a booking made incorrectly. Please notify us ASAP if you would like to transfer camps.   

If you can no longer attend your camp date, please click here and refer to the camp terms and conditions regarding refunds and cancellations.

What time do camps start and finish? What do I need to do if I am running late?

If you are running late to collect your children at the end of camp or aftercare, it is expected that parents will call SUSF on 1300 068 922 to notify staff. Late charges will apply. See our Terms and Conditions for further information. 

What are the wet weather arrangements?

All camps will go ahead in wet weather. Alternative facilties are booked in advance and children will participate in activities related to their sports camp which are appropriate for indoors. Unfortunately we cannot run the Archery portion of the Fencing & Archery camp and the Archery & Rock Climbing Clinic in our indoor facilities. In the case of wet weather alternate, age-related activities will replace the Archery portion of the program.

When is aftercare provided?

Sydney University Location: Aftercare is offered to all programs. Price is $30.00 per child per day. If you are attending aftercare, you must have flat indoor shoes. Aftercare runs until 5:30pm sharp.

Tempe Reserve Location: Aftercare is offered for Tempe reserve camps. Price is $25.00 per child per day. You can book Aftercare online when enrolling in the camps or call us on 1300 068 922 to book. Aftercare runs until 5.00pm sharp.

If you are running late to collect your children at the end of camp or aftercare, it is expected that you will call SUSF on 1300 068 922 to notify staff. Late charges will apply. See our Terms and Conditions for further information. 

Do you provide receipts for registered childcare or Child Care Subsidies?

As of 2nd July 2018, the Child Care Subsidy replaced the Child Care Benefit and only "Approved" childcare providers are eligible for subsidised childcare. As Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness are "Registered" Child Care Providers, the government will no longer pay child care fee assistance in our School Holiday Programs. Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness will commit to ensuring that our School Holiday Sports Programs are affordable withough diminishing the quality of the programs provided.

Can I use an Active Kid Voucher?

Unfortunately we cannot accept Active Kids Vouchers, vouchers can only be used for programs 8 weeks or more in length. We offer other programs at Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness that accept Active Kids Vouchers, please contact us for more information. 

Where is Cubs Club and Sports Clinics Held?



Best entry point

Soccer, Girls Only Soccer, Dance, Archery & Rock Climbing

The Square (Arena Sports Centre)

Walking/ Public Transport: Ross St (From Parramatta Rd) into Western Avenue

Vehicle Access: Orphan School Creek Road (From Parramatta Rd) and then onto Regimental Drive

Multi Sport, Netball, Basketball, Tennis, Swimming, Water Polo

Sydney Uni Sports & Aquatic Centre (SUSAC)

Cnr of Codrington St and Darlington Rd Darlington (access from City Road)

Fencing & Archery, 

Function Room, TAG Family Foundation Granstand, Oval No. 2

Walking/ Public Transport: Ross Street (From Parramatta Rd) into Regimental Drive

Vehicle Access: Orphan School Creek Road (From Parramatta Rd) and then onto Regimental Drive



Are there any age limits?

All of the cubs club programs offered are for ages 5 through 12 with the exception of the following:

*Please be aware that the general age range will vary from camp to camp and there is no guarantee that there will be a high number of older or younger children at any given time.

All of the sports clinics programs offered are for ages 12 through 17

Are there any special requirements for the sports camps?

Waterpolo: Participants must be able to swim 100m freestyle competently and be between the age of 12-17. Participants are required to bring their own goggles, swimmers and towel. 

SUSF reserves the right to refuse or terminate enrolment where the child does not meet the requirements as determined by SUSF. Should participants be unable to participate, the guardian will be required to collect the child immediately and a refund will be provided. 

What sports are covered in the Cubs Club Multi Sport program?

Depending on facility and coach availability, sports MAY include the following (dependent on coach and facilities available): 

Touch Football
European Handball
Hula Hooping
Ultimate Frisbee
Oz Tag
Martial Arts
Softball/T Ball/ Baseball
Table Tennis

*Sports are modified for groups depending on their age, there is no guarantee that all sports will run as the schedule is dependent on age of participants, facilties available, specialist staff available, weather

What food will I need to provide? What can't I bring?

Children will need to be provided with a healthy recess and lunch each day, as well as snacks to keep them active throughout the day. Fresh fruit will be provided as snack courtesy of Sydney Markets, but parents are advised to pack extra snacks, in particular for those who are enrolled in the aftercare program. Canteens and cafes are off limits to all participants during the day. It is advisable that they bring along additional snacks to maintain their energy throughout the day. During sports camps kids will have 60 minutes allocated for lunch and it is thus advisable that they bring along enough lunch to sustain them for the afternoon session. 

SUSF School Holiday Sports Camps are a NUT FREE environment. Strictly no nuts are to be provided in lunches and snacks.

What will participants be doing during the day?

What will participants receive at the sports programs?

What do they need to bring?

What do I need to do if my child has a medical condition or an additional need?

During the enrolment process, parents are required to supply all information for their child/children, listing any special health, behavioural and medication requirements. The information gained from the enrolment provides us with a snapshot of the essential information required to adequately prepare for the care of your child whilst they're at camp. If a child has been diagnosed by a doctor as having a medical condition or requires additional support from us, it’s essential that SUSF are informed. Any child who is diagnosed with Asthma or Anaphylaxis MUST provide an Individual Health Management Plan completed by a Medical Practitioner and submit it directly to the Camp Director by 9:00 am the first morning of camp.  All medication must be declared and signed in and out by an authorised adult each day. Medication should be in its original packaging and clearly labelled with the student's name, correct dosage and frequency.

Any child registered with learning or behavioural difficulties MUST provide SUSF with information relating to their needs which are relevant to the successful inclusion of the child into the School Holiday Program.

What happens if my child falls ill or is injured during a School Holiday Sports Camp?

If a child is injured whilst attending a Sports Camp a qualified First Aider will administer First Aid (for minor injuries such as cuts/grazes, bites etc). Where First Aid is administered, an Incident/Accident Report form will be completed by the attending staff member and signed. The collecting parent/guardian will need to sign this form to acknowledge their notification of the incident.

If a child falls ill whilst attending a Sports Camp the child will be supervised by a qualified First Aider until the child recovers or until the authorised adult arrives to collect the child. If the child suffers from vomiting or diarhhoea, the authorised adult will be asked to collect the child immediately. Any child/young person who is not well enough to participate in normal daily activities should be kept at home.

If a child suffers a trauma whilst attending a Sports Camp the Community Programs Manager will be notified immediately. Emergency First Aid will be provided by a qualified First Aider on the premises and emergency attention will be sought immediately. Notice of the incident will be given to the Parent as fast as practicably possible and that of any treatment, services or arrangements which have been made.

If any other health issues arise whilst the Child is in care, the authorised adult of the child/young person will be given notice of that matter. 

What should I do if my child is diagnosed with a communicable disease whilst attending a School Holiday Sports Camp?

If a child or young person is diagnosed with a communicable disease whilst attending a School Holiday Sports Camp, the parent/guardians must notify SUSF immediately. The child/young person will need to be excluded from the School Holiday Program for the period stated in the ‘recommended minimum exclusion periods for infectious conditions for schools, pre-schools and child care centres’ (National Health and Medical Research Council, December 2005, 4th edition).  To access the NHMRC poster, please click here. Families attending the School Holiday Program will be emailed if there are cases of an infectious disease, and a notice will be placed at the sign in desk for the camp.

Can I enrol somebody else's child?

Yes, you can enrol your child and their friend in one registration. However, you will then be the nominated authorised guardian for the child and will be contacted in case of an emergency, injury or illness. You will be responsible for the delivery and collection of the child to the School Holiday Program.

Can I send someone to pick up my child from the sports camps?

To protect the health and welfare of all children in our care, we insist that children/young people are delivered into their child’s nominated facility or area and signed in by the authorised parent/guardian.

An authorised parent/guardian may elect to allow the child/young person to make his/her own way home or to be picked up by another adult from the School Holiday Program. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian who enrolled the child to provide written authorisation for the child/young person to leave the premises on their own or with another adult.

As this is particularly difficult to monitor in a one-off event, the Camp Director may insist on some personal identification (such as a current driver's licence), as well as the signed authority mentioned above, if the person collecting the child is different to the one who brought the child to SUSF.

What are SUSF's behaviour guidelines?

SUSF have behaviour guidelines which we promote during the camp period to ensure all children are happy, make new friends and feel secure in a positive and enjoyable environment.  All participants have the right to be involved in a positive environment, maintaining positive relationships throughout; bullying, inappropriate comments or touching of any kind will not be tolerated. The health, safety and well being of all participants and staff is paramount; all participants must follow safety guidelines and instructions given by any member of SUSF staff. Should a participant feel their rights are not being maintained, they should approach staff who will begin an investigation as soon as possible.

Actions for behavior management: 

Failure for any participant to uphold the behavior guidelines may result in the following;

  1. SUSF staff will remind the child/young person about appropriate behaviour and sport specific instructions.
  2. If inappropriate behaviour persists either:
    • supervision will be increased, for example bring the child/young person closer to the coach;
    • the participant may be removed from the group for a short time (5-10 minutes) to give them time to reflect on their actions.
  3. Depending on the severity and persistence of the misbehaviour parents are contacted.
  4. If a child’s behaviour does not improve despite all efforts, SUSF may have to ask the parents to remove the child from the program.  This is an extremely rare situation and would only ever be a last resort.

SUSF reserves the right to refuse or terminate enrolment if there is a breach of the Camp Behaviour Guidelines. Any costs incurred as a result of damaged property will be charged to the parent/guardian. No refund of the program fee will be provided to participants removed for behavioural reasons.

What is SUSF's policy on sun safety?

In order to protect children from the dangerous and adverse effects of sun exposure, we encourage parents/guardians to provide their child with adequate sun protection, including a wide brim hat, Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 30+ sunscreen and protective clothing (such as longer sleeved shirts, longer shorts and sunglasses). All protective equipment brought to the School Holiday Sports Camps should be clearly marked with the child's name.

SUSF will endeavour to organise our School Holiday programs to minimise exposure at peak times of the day and to provide adequate shade where possible as well as role modelling appropriate sun protection behaviour.  SPF 30+ sunscreen will be available for children and staff to use and we endeavour to regularly remind children to apply sunscreen throughout the day.

Where children have allergies or sensitivity to sunscreen, parents will need to provide an alternative sunscreen. For further information or to read the SHP Sun Safety Policy, please refer to the confirmation email and PDF attachment or you are welcome request a copy from our staff. 

Who do I contact for any queries and feedback?

Please direct all of your queries and feedback to or call 1300 068 922.



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