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Seniors Wellness Program

Seniors Wellness Program

Our Seniors Wellness Program is a purpose-built, supervised group training program that addresses the broad range of health and wellbeing needs of those over 55 years of age. We offer four different classes each with proven benefits to stenghten muscle tissue and reduce the chance of injury and osteoporosis. 

Classes are included in any Silver (Group Fitness) or Gold pass but can also be attended on a per class basis by community members without a gym pass. 

Seniors Wellness Program

Our Seniors Wellness Program is a purpose-built, supervised group training program that addresses the broad range of health and wellbeing needs of those over 55 years of age. 

Benefits include:

  • Improved bone density and the reduction in incidence of osteoporosis
  • Increased lean muscle tissue and strength
  • Alleviate stress and anxiety
  • Falls prevention and increased balance and muscular control
  • Improving pelvic floor and core stability

Classes are included in any Silver (Group Fitness) or Gold pass. Alternatively, if you are not a current gym pass holder, you may still attend our classes more sporadically by becoming an annual SUSF member ($50) and then paying $10.50 per class. You can also purchase a Seniors 10 visit pass for $100. 

If you are not an annual member pass holder you may attend the classes for $15 per session. 

*All senior specific classes are restricted to 55 years and older. 

Class Descriptions

We offer four different types of classes within the seniors wellness program: 

Beginners Seniors Circuit

Held in a circuit format, this class incorporates gentle upper and lower body weights with abdominal, core strength, balance and flexibility exercises. It is the perfect way to gently introduce your body to regular exercise routine and is suitable for all levels of fitness and mobility. 

Postural Fitness

Your body learns what you teach it! This low impact class used bands and hand weights to teach postural awareness and improve your functional core strength while balancing and aligning the spine. The use of bouncing balls helps improve co-cordination and makes for an enjoyable and energizing class. 

Stretch N Balance

Increase your body awareness by improving your balance and posture. This class aims to develop flexibility and strength through flowing movements, integrated breathing and relaxation. This class is perfect to refresh and rejuvenate the body. 

Aqua Fitness

Enjoy the benefits of land exericse without the impact. Water reduces the impact by supporting up to 85% of your body weight and provides 15 times the resistance of air. This makes Aqua Aerobics suitable for beginners or those wanting a full body workout without the stress on the joints. It is suitable and abilable to people of all ages, although water confidence is required. 

Our Instructors


After receiving the enrolment into a Personal Training Certification course for his 70th birthday from his children, Sparrow combines his knowledge of fitness training, his ability to relate to his fellow seniors and a passion for helping people, and has now become a highly-recognised Seniors fitness trainer across the industry. A former Wallaby himself, Sparrow has remained active through his senior years and is regularly seen down at Bondi Icebergs swimming laps and also enjoying a round of golf around NSW Golf Club. Since Sparrow's involvement in the SUSF Seniors Wellness Program the program has grown from strength to strength. 


Cris' background invovles both nursing and teaching and Cris has worked at Sydney Uni for the past 27 years. Cris completes at a very high-level in athletics and has won multiple medals in the 400m, 800m and 1500m disciplines at recent World Masters Games and has conquered the Balmoral Burn in record-breaking time. In 2010 Cris completed a Diploma in Aged Care and Health and remains very passionate about senior's wellness. Cris has years of experience in group fitness instruction for various age groups and abilities. 


Kathy has been practicing Hatha Yoga for 20 years and is a graduate from Ki Yoga Teacher Training. Kathy is an avid runner and competes in cross country championships at an international level. Using both yoga and running fitness, Kathy integrates mindful and functional core awareness into her Stretch 'n' Balance class structure. 


Carmel is one of our Exercise Physiologists who has a passionate holistic health view for aged care. She has experience working with people who suffer from chronic conditions and injuries and therefore promotes the importance of strength, aerobic and core training for seniors. Carmel's classes focus on neuromuscular, proprioceptive and balance training which are all vital components of healthy ageing. Carmel has been representing Sydney University in soccer in the Women's Premier League First Grade since the age of 12. 

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