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Cubs Club Descriptions




Providing an ultimate AFL experience, this camp combines a well-balanced program of drills, skills, games, match play, fitness development, energetic small-sided games, and strategy. This camp challenges young people to grow their skills in Aussie Rules.



One of the best sports for co-operation and communication, our Basketball camps cover off fundamental skills and gameplay concepts with quality coaches who provide opportunities for athletes to acquire skills and then link them with others to work together as a team in a safe and inclusive environment.



Revel in the sound of the leather on willow at the picturesque grounds of Sydney Uni. Our cricket camp will devote time to improving the player's knowledge of the sport, strategy and all-round skill, including batting, bowling, fielding and much more!



Our Dance Camp is a day of fun, fitness and performing! The camp is designed to give your child the opportunity to discover new and exciting styles, techniques and hidden talents all while keeping them fit and healthy during the holiday break. 

9:00    Warm up 
9:30    HIP HOP 
10:30  Morning tea 
10:45  JAZZ/FUNK 
11:45  Lunch break 
2:15    Break 
2:30    Rehearsal 
2:50    PERFORMANCE for Parents   

* Styles are subject to change  

The camp is designed for participants between the ages of 5 and 12.

Fencing & Archery

Transport your child back to the sports of medieval times with ½ day of fencing and ½ day of archery. Experienced instructors from the Sydney Uni Archery Club will teach campers the basics of archery. The second half of the day will be learning fencing under the watchful eye of trained professionals, all equipment and protective clothing supplied. Please be advised this camp is for children age 6 and over only.

Please note: Wet weather will affect archery and the class will undertake alternative activities indoors.


This camp focuses on developing skills and knowledge in Futsal. Our qualified coaches will work with both beginner and intermediate skill levels with the aim of improving your child’s quick touches, and short sharp passes in an environment that promotes the safety and fun of all participants. These skills can be easily transferred to the weekend soccer field also.

Girls Only Soccer

The Girls Only Soccer camp is focused purely on fitness and skill work for girls, regressing teaching for beginners and progressing it for club-level players within the same drills. The sessions challenge young girls to work hard and broaden their skill set in a safe and fun atmosphere. 

Martial Arts

Designed for martial arts lovers (aged between 8 and 15) and those that want to get a taste of a variety of different martial arts.  

Sports featured may include but are not limited to: Capoeira, Wrestling, Judo, Kendo and Taekwondo.  
* Sports are subject to change

Day Structure:

09:00    Martial Art 1
10:45    Morning Tea 
11:00    Martial Art 2
12:30    Lunch break 
01:15    Martial Art 3
02:45    End of Day

Aftercare is now available for this camp.

Multi Sport

Designed for Sports lovers (between 5 - 15 years old) and those that want to get a taste of a large variety of different sports. Sports featured may include fencing, martial arts, soccer, cricket, frisbee, dance, hula hooping, judo, volleyball and many more!  It's like a lucky dip of sporty goodness !

* Sports are subject to change


Our Netball camp provides junior netballers with individual skill instruction, including expert tuition in the three main areas of attacking, centre court and defence. Time will be spent on improving passing, peripheral vision and footwork to assist in their all-court game.

Rugby League

Our qualifed Rugby League coaches will develop campers' skills in both defense and attack, also learning positional play strategies. Coaches combine drills, fitness development, and game play to ensure maximum enjoyment and development for campers. 

The Rugby League camp is designed for participants between the ages of 5 and 15 years. Players will be divided into groups based on age and ability and coaches will schedule activities relative to skill level.

Rugby Union 7's

Recent addition to the Olympics, 7s is the exciting, faster-paced and shorter version of Rugby Union! You’ll learn the skills, drills and techniques from our expert coaches that will enable you to be a fitter, stronger and well-rounded athlete!


A game of skill and precision, our Soccer camp aims to improve the soccer skill set of girls and boys, meeting the athlete at the level they're at and instructing on the next step. The sessions challenge players to work hard, but learn and compete in a fun atmosphere. 

The Soccer camp is designed for participants between the ages of 5 and 15 years.


This popular camp specialises in coaching young players, from novice to ranked juniors and ensure each camper has an enjoyable and unique learning experience. Our qualified coaching staff are committed to improving the skills of each camper by providing a progressive development program combined with spirited fun.


Touch Football

The Touch Football camp is a fun way for junior players to be introduced to the game of touch football or build on their rugby union or league skills in a fun atmosphere.  The Touch Football camp provides junior players with quality instruction in passing, attacking, defending (no tackling component included) and game play which will assist in the development of confident touch football players. 

The Touch Football camp is designed for children between the ages of 8 and 15 years.


Sports Clinic Descriptions

Archery & Rock Climbing

Experienced instructors from the Sydney Uni Archery Club will teach campers the basics of archery for 1/2 the day. The other 1/2 of the day your child will 'Rock out' with our new Indoor Rock Climbing Camp! Designed for those who love to climb! Whether you have never tried indoor rock climbing before or you already love it, this camp is for you. Challenge yourself, meet new friends and scale new heights!

Please be advised this camp is for children age 12 and over only.

Please note: Wet weather will affect archery and the class will undertake alternative activities indoors.



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