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Support Sport at the University of Sydney

Neccessary infrastructure, coaching and administrative expertise, as well as sporting scholarships, are fundamental to Sydney University’s clubs and athletes achieving excellence. A tax-deductible donation is a rewarding and appreciated way by which you can lend your support. See the ways you can support sport at the University of Sydney below.  

1. Join us in our Five By '25 Project

Pursuing excellence in tertiary studies and sport simultaneously can be especially challenging. Donations to sporting scholarships, sport in general or specific sports clubs at the University of Sydney helps provide tremendous support to student athletes so that they may acheive their ultimate sporting and academic goals.

It is our strong hope that with your philanthropic donations, we can reach our Five by '25 target to support our Elite Athlete Program and sporting clubs for many years to come.

2. Support Sport in General or a Specific Sport or Club

If you choose for your donation to support sport in general, the University of Sydney Sports Foundation will thoughtfully determine the purpose for which your funding will be utilised. The Foundation works closely with Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness and the University of Sydney to ensure that such unencumbered generous contributions are directed towards prioritised areas.

Alternatively, there are some 40+ Sydney University sports clubs affiliated with Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness. For several sports, to facilitate targeted fundraising for the associated Sydney University sports clubs and athletes, Divisions of the University of Sydney Foundation have been established (as outlined below). You can choose to support a specific Division of the University of Sydney Foundation:

3. Donate to Capital Works & Infrastructure

Projects Gifts may be made to support infrastructure projects or capital works improvements. The Capital Works Division of the University of Sydney Foundation manages all such gifts received. Such gifts may be of two types;

For more information, please download our Sporting Scholarships Philanthropy brochure here or contact us here.



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